Privacy Policy

This document outlines the privacy policy of our website which shows you various aspects of information of products where all are bound by us we don’t follows any others products and prices. Please read on carefully.



Any information shared with us including your email address when you sign up for the newsletter or phone number when you text-message a discount code or offer to us will never be sold, rented, or shared with any third parties for marketing purposes without your permission. We may share your personal information for the purpose of delivering e-mail to you or as required by law.



We may request you for other data like income, interests, gender etc. Though most of this information is optional, we may use it to improve our website and/or tailor your experience on our website, showing you content that we think you might be interested in and displaying content according to your preferences. We may share aggregated, anonymous information with advertisers interested in advertising on via e-mail or on the site, which means that the information will not contain any personally identifiable information like your e-mail, phone number, etc about you or any other person.



In addition to collecting personal and non-personal information, may also collect non-personal, aggregated information about subscribers’ use of e-mails and the website. This information is not personally identifiable and will be used only to find out how subscribers use our service and site. For example, this information will tell us how much time users spend on the website, from which websites subscribers came and to what sites subscribers go. The collection of this information allows us to, among other things, prepare for traffic load demands and be more efficient.



As part of the service, Our Website links to other websites that may collect personally identifiable information about you.



All information described above is stored on restricted database servers.



To This Policy reserves the right to change its policy at anytime in the future without prior notification.



If you have any questions about this policy or our site in general, please contact us at will continue to enhance its security procedures as new technology becomes available.

This Privacy Policy can change at any time to include / exclude clauses and does not bear responsibility for updating Users on the same.